Friday, October 27, 2006

The Latest Conversation with Barbara

I called Barbara yesterday to check in and see if there were any new bulletins. There were new ones, so I went today to look at them. Barbara asked if we were interested in doing respite care for 5 foster kids one day next month. I'm on the fence. 5 unknown kids all day seems like a lot and it's on a Thursday, which is game day. However, doing respite care will look good for us (demonstrating an ability to work with "special needs") and I'd genuinely like to do it. So, I'm still pondering.

There is still no committee date for Thorn. Sigh.

I picked one sibling group and four individual children for Anthony and I to ponder putting in for. One is a 12 year old named Haley who seems like a very good match. She likes being active and hopes for a younger sibling.

I really, really want Thorn's committee date, though! I don't want to keep putting my heart out there to be trampled on.

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  1. Thursday might be a really good day for respite care because we'll be there for Game Group to help out - and it will give the kids a variety of experiences. We certainly wouldn't mind.