Sunday, September 30, 2012

Travels Through Africa

Davan's current educational obsession is still geography and world cultures.  She's been on this kick for months now.  She's worked on many different projects in this arena from learning languages to memorizing world maps (she can name every country in the world if she does it continent by continent, but tends to leave a few off if she tries to do the whole world in one go) to studying various different atlases to drawing maps to writing reports on countries that interest her. 

She recently went to a birthday party where the party favor was a gift certificate to Powell's Books.  She was so excited, but had a hard time deciding between two different atlases or a map of the world to put up on her wall.  She ended up with an atlas that she loves.

Her most recent project was creating a game based on the idea of Journey Through Europe.  We've played it several times this weekend.

Davan asked me to mention that she's well aware that her map of Africa isn't to scale, but it was the best she could do freehand.

Making this game took a serious amount of work from drawing and coloring the board to filling in the cities to visit plus the roads between them in a way that is keeping with conditions in Africa to creating the cards for each city with some of them being special cards that have to do with the city in question.  I'm really impressed.

As usual, Ranger enjoys it when we're all down on the floor at her level and she can attack us with her tongue or (much preferred by us) just move in for a cuddle.


  1. Ok I love this idea. I will show this to Keilee. We found a book at a garage sale about different cultures and Keilee has really enjoyed going through it. A couple of our favorite books are "Material World" and "What the World Eats" I would recommend them highly.

    1. Those are two of our favorites, as well! We were particularly fascinated with "What the World Eats."