Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keeping Busy!

We've had a lot of action on the house, including one offer, but no sale yet. The one offer was from the family who looked last weekend, but we were really out of their price range, so their offer was not very good. We did counter offer, but it wasn't enough to make it workable for them, so it was a no go.

However, we had another family look on Saturday, another scheduled showing on Monday (although it appears that one was a no show), yet another scheduled for tomorrow and our realitor has spoken with another realitor about having a showing later this week, but we haven't heard from that person yet. So, lots of interest and we're feeling like an acceptable offer will come our way in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, we're doing a little looking around for the move. We're interested in these places. They'll be ready for move in in August or September, so if we go that way, we'll definitely have to find an interim place to live, which will be challenging with all of the animals. In light of that and feeling like our cats aren't getting the sort of care and attention they deserve, we're looking for good homes for most of them. It's hard because we love them, but we do think it's best for them.

Davan's Tic Toc show kept us very busy over the weekend, especially combined with the various home shows! This is the first day we're not at Do Jump in a week. Whew. The 100 Echos show was great, though. Davan had a ton of fun doing it and loved spending so much time with her friends. She was in a lot of the pieces for the show and really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of it all. She got to do a lot of acting, which was fun and pretty new for her.

Additionally, we've been trying to get out and enjoy the last couple of days that have actually been sunny! Spring is late in coming here in the Pacific Northwest this year and we've yet to have a truly warm day. The last couple have been sunny and knocking on 60, though, so that's been nice.

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  1. Good luckon the sale of your house. The Dr Horton homes look cool. Simple.. I like it.