Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Sell or Not To Sell

Well, really, we are going to sell, the question is what offer will work. Or, now that we've had two offer negotiations turn out to not work out, will we get any more offers? Should we have gone with one of those?

We reduced the price of the house down to the bone - the minimum amount we felt like we could walk away with, which is a sad, sad, paltry amount for having lived here for 10 years and putting in bamboo floors and fancy-shmancy triple pane windows that cost us a fortune while living here. And that brought in offers - two. However, both wanted us to pay all of their closing costs. And one of them also offered under asking, wanted a home warranty and our washer and dryer. We tried to negotiate, but it pretty much came down to they had no more money and we didn't want to be empty handed when all was said and done.

Now, we've decided to up the price, but also say upfront that we'll over a certain amount of closing costs. We'll see how that goes. Interest has continued to be there. We had someone come look yesterday and another showing on Saturday. It's less than the first week after we first did the massive price drop, but still, people are looking.

We're really hoped that we'd have an offer in the bag before I left for China, but that doesn't seem to be what will happen. So, I've left a power of attorney for Anthony so he can accept an offer while I'm gone if he thinks it's a good one.

So, the China thing. Yeah, I'm off to China for two weeks with two of my best high school friends. Being able to go is thanks to my parents who a) took care of my plane flight and b) have come to stay with my family while I'm gone.

It's hard for me to do stuff like this for myself, as I feel somewhat guilty that I'm spending money and it's just for me. It does make for mixed feelings as the date draws close, but I'm trying to just be excited.

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