Friday, December 09, 2011

Getting in the Spirit

We decorated last night.  There was a little bit of debate about if we were even going to, as we're not going to be here on Christmas.  Oddly, it was Davan who said that she thought maybe we shouldn't decorate.  As she has since pointed out, she was in a strange mood that day (DAP - Day After Party).

Last night, though, the time was right.  We got out the decorations and went through them as we decorated.

We ended up with a pile of decorations that we opted not to keep.  This was a little surprising to me, as we'd gone through them when we moved and narrowed down quite a bit - combining everything into one box, down from two.

Anthony hung lights.

We don't get Christmas trees anymore.  A few years back, we didn't get one because we were going away for Christmas, but Davan still really wanted to decorate, so we came up with the solution of hanging lights and stringing the ornaments off of them.  Davan said, "It's like being inside the tree!" and that's how we've done it ever since.

We kept more than enough to make things festive.

I won't bore you with close ups of every little thing.

Davan read by the light of the strands.

She's reading A Dog Named Christmas.  Like I said, we're really getting in the spirit here.

It was decided that we should have peppermint hot chocolate (soy variety) while watching the Christmas Glee episode.  At the last minute, I decided cookies were a necessary part of that festivity and whipped up some raw chocolate cookies.

It came to our attention during Glee that Davan, while we know she has watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, didn't actually remember it.  So, I found it on You Tube and we watched that, too.  

Yup.  All Christmas-y around these parts.  Guess I better get going on my secret Santa stocking.