Sunday, December 09, 2012

Seeds of Hope

Opening night was Friday night.  Davan got four free tickets to use opening weekend.  Anthony, myself, Anthony's mom, and Anthony's aunt took advantage of them to go see the opening show.  It was sold out!  Of course, the free tickets for family members and friends helped with that, but there were plenty of actually purchased tickets, as well.

The show was great.  They've made a lot of changes to it between when the Zig Zag created and performed it a few years back to now.  Many of the pieces are more professionally performed.  The production is much more professional.  They actually have costumes that were designed for the show and fit, rather than whatever can be put together from their own wardrobes and the stock at Do Jump.  (Actually, they are still wearing their own clothes for one costume, but it makes sense then.)  There is live music some of which was composed for this show.  The teen cast does the vocalization and some of the instrument music, but there are three professional musicians that designed the music and do accompaniment for the show.

All that said, the most important part is that they do a great job performing the show.  It's entertaining, creative, visually beautiful and ultimately gives an uplifting message even in the face of adversity.

Of course, I'm a bit biased, being the mom of one of the performers, but I really enjoyed it.  I'm really looking forward to seeing it again when I usher this afternoon.

It's the first weekend of a three weekend run.  I'll get to see it at least twice again after this weekend.  I feel really lucky that that is the case!

I'm sorry not to have pictures to share because photography isn't allowed during the show, but here's a link to another clip I can share.

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  1. Very much looking forward to the show.