Sunday, December 02, 2012

That Ranger Dog Again

In the midst of all of our cooking, eating and playing last weekend, we noticed something concerning.  Ranger has a new bump.

I took her in on Friday and, sure enough, it's another mast cell tumor (meaning cancer).   This doesn't mean that the last one metastasized or that she has any sort of wide-spread cancer.  It's simply that dogs that grow bumps are more likely to grow more.  We were told last time that it often happens over a few years, then goes away.  I guess we'll see.

We caught it fast and it's not in a tricky location, so it can be removed at our local vet's office.  She can even have it done under just sedation rather than full anesthesia, although they've been recommending a teeth cleaning, as well, which they could take care of at the same time if they do anesthesia.  We're getting quotes about both and will decide from there. 

Shesh this dog has been expensive.  Too bad we love her so much.

I even looked into pet insurance, but, given her breed and such, it'd be pretty expensive.  Either we'd be paying for the care on a month by month basis or just pay when it happens.  So, we'll just keep taking it one bump at a time and try to figure it out.

I'll know more early this week about what we're going to do for sure and when, but, meanwhile, I'll leave you with this video we made last week of our funny girl.  You'll see she did something she's not supposed to do, but she was just trying to figure out what we were asking her to do.  Then we went and asked her to do the thing she's not usually supposed to do and we got a surprise.  Shame on us.  It was really funny, though.


  1. Dammit! Sorry about the bump. Sucks to have another vet bill. One thing I don't miss.

    I thought for sure Ranger was going to slide right off the table!!

    1. Yeah....we've got the claw lines in the table to remember the incident by.

  2. LOL claw lines?!?! That will teach you! that was funny.

  3. I am so sorry about Ranger's bump. :/ Hoping this will be a easy procedure. Loved the video. She is stinking adorable. Did she ever jump up on the chairs? I'm with Ami, I thought she was going off the table. :)