Sunday, March 03, 2013

On the Wall in Germany

I've gotten more pictures now that I've kicked up a fuss here on the blog.  ;-)  Davan and my mom took a trip to Rothenberg this week for an overnight trip.

Here are some pictures from that excursion.


What is particularly fun for me about this is that my mom and I went to Rothenberg when I was just a few years older than Davan.  Well, okay, five years older, but still.  And Anthony was with us.  We'd been dating just under a year then.

Here are some pictures from that trip, a little over 20 years ago:

And because we seem to only have pictures from Anthony's camera that day, here's another a picture of him from the same time frame, just to be fair.

We'd just gotten out of the Army and he was going through a scruffy beard stage. 

And, because that's now gotten me on a nostalgia kick, here are more pictures of the two of us from our younger years.

In this picture, I was a just barely 20 year old and Anthony and I were fairly newly dating.

Here's Anthony from the same time frame.  He was 22.  We started dating about a week before I turned 20, which was November of 1990.  He felt like he was robbing the cradle at the time.  Now, of course, the difference is nothing.

Our trip to Rothenberg with my mom happened about 9 months later.

In between, in the spring, we went bungie jumping with some friends.

And, on the 4th of July, we went skiing on a glacier in Australia.

There were other adventures, as well, but I'll stop there.  My gosh, though, weren't we just babies?

I'm glad that Davan is getting in adventures of her own (not that ours are over) and that hers will be much better documented though the miracle of digital photography.  (I could hardly find any of Anthony and I together!)


  1. OK as is common to humans my first comment is about ME! I look so young. I was Anthony's age in these pictures! So really close to the age you two adults are now! What fun to see the pictures from the past! Just look at your two too. Davan is going to have some really good memories. And tell that Anthony to stop robbing the cradle!

  2. Germany is beautiful Nicholina! I love seeing the pics of Davan but also of you and Anthony. Made me smile. I had emailed you last week about,something. Maybe you have a different email?