Thursday, March 07, 2013

Various Adventures in Germany

As predicted, I'm having a busy week.  I'm either working at Do Jump or baby sitting every morning and working every afternoon.  In between, I'm visiting the doctor and dentist to drop off/pick up forms for Davan for her application and, of course, walking the dog and other regular life tasks.  I haven't managed to get in a single bike ride this week, which is a bummer, but things will settle out.

What I've also not been doing is sharing pictures with you, even though I've gotten quite a few.  So, here's a bit of a picture dump from Germany.

Visiting Burg Elzt:

Making dinner one night:

On the planes where the medical team Mom supports flies.

And now I'm off to Do Jump for my morning working hours.

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  1. Glad to see an update. It does sound like you are busy. We have been busy too. Davan is married to my iPad I think. Reading blogs and all kinds of stuff on line.