Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Aside

We have been so busy after returning home! I'd been hoping to post a day each day, but, as you've probably noticed, that hasn't quite happened. What, post my last current time update, have we been up to?

Well, Friday was Anthony's day off and, as the weather was good and predicted to be not good on Saturday, we went for a bike ride. Davan needed a trial ride to see what distance she should sign up for for an upcoming event. We did 52 miles with Davan on her own bike. It was her longest distance yet, solo. Although, it was probably not the hardest day. Early in the summer, we rode to Champoeg State Park from my parent's house in Beaverton, a 30 some mile ride with a lot of elevation change. We camped, then rode back the next day. Davan was whooped after that and actually took a nap, something she never does.

Then, Saturday, Davan and Anthony had a Daddy/daughter day with a short bike ride in the afternoon, when the day had cleared up, and lots of time together eating goodies, or what passes for goodies in our family - almond butter and fruit spread sandwiches on Dave's Killer Bread (sprouted is our favorite) and popcorn. Yeah, we're wild like that.

Meanwhile, I got up, had a quick Rip's Big Bowl, more or less, and was off, in the rain, to ride to the convention center for VegFest. While I think Anthony and Davan would have liked it, too, it would have been a long day for Davan to do everything I wanted to do. My mom and Dennis met me there, though, and we had a really good time and left all fired up. We ate lots of samples and saw a speaker at every time slot we possibly could. While there were two speakers that I'd thought I wanted to see that we ended up walking out on and making another choice, the rest of the speakers were all very interesting.

I didn't leave until almost 6:00, at which time I got a call from home, to see if I'd eaten yet and if I wanted to meet them for dinner. I sort of didn't because I was feeling all fired up about eating right and not feeling like it would be easy to make the best choices at Red Robin (their choice of restaurant), but I did, as it's what they wanted to do and I'd been away all day. I got there about 7:30 and did end up making a decent choice. No steak fries at all.

By the time we rode home, it was bed time and no time left to post. Ah well.

Today, we went for another long bike ride. While it was only 35 miles, it was a challenging 35 miles with lots of up and down with some pretty steep climbs. While, on Friday, it was Davan's pace that set our limits, today it was me. Partially that's because the two of them were on their road bikes while I, due to the terrain and the fact that my rode bike doesn't have a granny gear, was on my touring bike with the fender and rack and, oh yeah, a pannier to hold cast off clothes and snacks. But, really, it's mostly because I'm just really slow on the hills. Yeah. I can only blame the bike so much. Today, I'm whipped. Friday, it was Davan.

Tomorrow is another busy day with a hike scheduled in the morning for Davan and I with my mom and Dennis and then riding downtown in the evening to meet Anthony to go see Rip Esselstyn speak. However, I'm hoping there will still be time to post Day 6.

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  1. I met someone a couple weeks ago in a home school thingy who is planning a trip with their 7 or 8 year old daughter next year. I will tell her about your blog as I am sure she will be very interested and can tell you more about their trip.