Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 5! And on the Fifth Day, They Rested

Anthony and I both woke to the sound of rain in the early morning. I was able to go back to sleep, knowing we weren't going to ride, but Anthony lay awake, worrying about the clothes we'd washed the night before that were hanging on the line outside. After a couple hours of this, he was really hungry and got up to make breakfast. That, sadly, was the end of my sleeping in.

By this time, the rain had stopped, but the hiker/biker camp at Cape Lookout is well hidden in the trees. I came up with a plan. We'd move over the the day use area, which had a nice gazebo, so that if it did start to rain again, our stuff would be under cover and get a chance to dry out.

It's a little hard to see, but there are two lines of clothes in this picture and, in the foggy looking area in the back, is the beach and ocean. We had a lovely view.

Anthony and Davan spent some time going over the route (with stuff that we'd left out the night before and had gotten wet laid out to dry):

I spent a good deal of time in the parking lot you can see in the background, making phone calls. We didn't actually have service in the gazebo or down on the beach, just in the parking lot. Sigh. What we did have in the gazebo was electricity to charge the cell phone battery, which was good, considering how much I used it that day.

What was so pressing in the middle of our get away that I spent valuable resting up time talking on the phone? A play date for Davan, of course. A good friend of Davan's, Adrien, from Do Jump lives in Newport, just a stone throw away from our next day's destination, Beverly Beach State Park. I was trying to set up a get together, if not the next day, than on our rest day.

Plus, making the scheduling more difficult, my grandmother was coming into town this very day and my mom and step dad wanted to bring her to see us before we got too far away. Tuesday didn't seem like a good day, as she was just getting in and had had to get up early that morning to catch her flight. Wednesday would be good, before we got two more hours drive each direction away, but there was the play date to consider...

Thus, there was a lot of back and forth between our time at the light house the previous afternoon and on this rest day.

What finally ended up happening is that Mom and Dennis (my step dad) picked up Grandma from the airport and all three decided to just go ahead and come see us. The next day turned out to be better for getting together with Adrien, so the plan was finally set.

Meanwhile, the day got nicer and nicer. Our clothes were pretty well dry and Anthony went to check on the tent. The rain fly was still quite wet, so he brought it out into the sunshine for a bit:

We all caught up on our journaling, got some reading in and spend some time on the beach. Davan and I went for a walk that turned into a magical (in a wizard/witch sort of way) outing for Davan and had a big bonus (in my mind, at least), of finding some tidepools and seeing all sorts of sea stars and such. Anthony and Davan went for another stroll/play session on the beach, after which Davan came and went down to the beach for quite a while. I got in one more walk before our company showed up.

Anthony, Mom, Grandma and I sat around and chatted while Davan and Dennis went down to the beach to build stuff - Davan likes to make tunnels and Dennis doesn't seem to ever make anything other than baseball stadiums, which are very cool, by the by.

When dinner time approached, we returned our now dry and ready for the next day gear to our camp site and hopped in the car with my family to head to pizza:

Davan and I being pretty strict vegans with my mom and Dennis being different levels of aspiring vegans, one type of pizza we got (and get whenever we go to pizza) was veggie with no cheese. Yum. Anthony, though, likes to splurge when we eat out, so the other pizza was Canadian bacon and black olives with the cheese, please. Dennis and Grandma each ate some of both pizzas.

We went back to camp full, both hunger-wise and socially, to get into the tent just before dark in anticipation of an early morning the next morning. We had a big hill coming up first thing!

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  1. My husband and I drove the coastal route to San Fransisco for our honeymoon so the places you mention are familiar, although that was 22 years ago.