Monday, November 19, 2012

Week in Review

Last week was a sick week for us.  Davan actually was sick mostly the week before, but wasn't 100% better last week.  She'd told me she was sick and she sure was blowing a lot, followed by coughing, but she was pretty stoic about it, never missing a rehearsal or anything, causing me to think it wasn't that bad.  I was also lulled into complacency by the fact that four full days after she got sick, I was still well.  Usually, Davan gets sick and then I follow suit within a day or two.  It's just our little routine.  This time, it was five days later that I succumbed.  And, boy, was it a dozy. 

I started feeling sick on Sunday, as I mentioned when I was blogging about the tournament.  Monday's day camp, which isn't my favorite thing to do (I like the after school program - it's day camp that is not my favorite, particularly the afternoon shift), was rough with feeling low energy.  Tuesday, though, I got up, started doing stuff in the kitchen and then went and laid down on the couch.  I ended up calling in sick.  I am not one to do that easily, but I was just whooped. 

Wednesday was a bit better and I did make it to work.  Thursday, again an improvement.  By Friday, I was feeling like things were definitely on the upswing.  Saturday, though, was a bit of a set back.  To sum up, this thing is sticking with me.  I'm still feeling less than healthy today and it's been over a week. 

Anthony, who rarely catches whatever Davan and I are suffering from, succumbed on Tuesday himself.  He had a lot going on at work, so continued to go, but says he'd have called in sick a couple of days if things weren't so pressing there. 

It wasn't all gloom and doom over this last week, though.  Here are some pictures from the week.

When I stayed home on Tuesday, Davan and I decided to draw a picture together.

Here's the finished product:

Another evening, Davan got the camera out to get a picture of this cuteness:

And then tried to get one of me with my eyes open.

I have a blinking issue. 

We were unsuccessful.  In the summer with all the light and no flash needed, we can sometimes get pictures of me with my eyes open.  This time of year, though...well, it's a challenge.  Let me just say that eyes all the way closed beats the one open one half closed drunk look hands down.

Davan went to Wednesday diving class and I asked Anthony to get some video again.  He did, but it turned out to be a 3 meter board day, which meant that Davan didn't get to do some of the more interesting things she's been working on the 1 meter board.  Still, I put together a little video of the evening's dives.

One of the days Anthony was feeling particularly low energy, he came home from work and cuddled up in a blanket on the floor.  Ranger approved.

Ranger also enjoyed a game session.

 Saturday morning, Davan needed to get up so she could go to open gym with a friend at AWOL.  I went in to wake her up, but had a hard time leaving again.  Ranger, having been walked and fed, was happy to go back to bed.  Poor Anthony was left in the kitchen doing the dishes from the evening before, but broke away to snap this shot of the girls.

After Davan and I vacated, Ranger found someone else to cuddle with.

I think she's a little embarrassed.

Friday evening we watched this video about small home living and were entranced with her chairs.  Anthony has been wanting a floor chair ever since we had to give up our wireless keyboard and mouse thanks to technical issues.  I was thinking, what a tidy couch replacement.  Our couch, although only a year and a half old, looks to be about 10 years old.  Sigh.

We did some internet searching and found Japanese tatami chairs for around $100 each when shipping was factored in.  Yikes!  We got the idea to look at IKEA and maybe just not use the legs.  We looked online and decided an in person trip was in order.  We headed up there Saturday afternoon.

By Saturday evening, we were sitting pretty.

We liked these chairs really well and the bonus was that we could get the chairs separately from the legs because there is a choice of legs (swivel or not).  Anthony added a little wood runner under the front so that if we use them on the wood floor, they won't dent it. 

We have decided not to give up the couch, though.  I was really the only one interested in that.  We've found that we still use it, though, for sprawling and it does give us more seating options, particularly for those who don't want to sit on the floor. 

When we're not using these seats, we can tuck them away.

They provide a lot of flexibility for conversation grouping, for example.

Or for window gazing.

 At any rate, we like them a lot and, with being able to tuck them away, they really don't add to the clutter.

On Sunday, after our pancakes, I got in a cleaning frame of mind.  I started with the intention of at least sweeping and quick mopping the floors, but then Anthony joined in and we got in some good work.  The place had declined in cleanliness standards between my injury, being busy with the testing, being sick and general laziness.  We didn't deep clean everything, but it was a major improvement.  I probably put in a good 4 hours of cleaning over the course of the day.  Anthony was probably about 2.  Davan worked on her room a bit and did a few dishes, so she helped, but she wasn't into it that much.  She spent some of her Sunday morning making this:

It's maybe a little hard to tell what it is from the picture, but in person it's very obvious.  It's Do Jump's Echo Theater set up for a show with the black curtains and performers and all.  It's really cool.

She also made this holiday scene. 

Sunday afternoon, Davan went to rehearsal and we had our little man visit for a bit.  He was pretty grumpy on Sunday, but he was the happiest being bounced on the ball.  Anthony enjoyed a little baby time.

I have to say, though, with the grumpiness, I was happy to pass him off to the second shift sitter.  Not that we're not happy to have the little man come again!

Davan also found a new use for some of her hanging things involving the pull up bar in the hall this week.  She's tried several different combinations.  Here's a little video of some of them.

And with that, I'll bid you adieu. 


  1. Loved the overview post. Can not view the videos...If you have time can you send them? Loved the Do-Jump diorama. Anthony with the baby...and Ranger with Bunny...both too cute. Winter pictures are not your thing. LOL Sorry about all the sickness. The extra sitting places will come in handy while we are there during the holiday time. Looking forward to our visit. Love you guys.

  2. Hope you're feeling better. I was sick all week last week and finally got tired of the up and down and up and down and up and down of the fever and saw my doctor. She said I was sick. Ha. The antibiotics have caused drainage and fuzzy teeth. But I feel so much better!!