Thursday, November 01, 2012

Our Halloween

We had a pretty understated Halloween at our place this year.  No one even dressed up.  Anthony couldn't come up with a good idea for a costume for work.  In the past, he's been CADDMan!

or CADDWoman!

(He's the superhero in the sparkly dress.)

Both made quite the splash, so he pretty much feels that if he can't live up to that, he shouldn't dress up at all.

Davan, on the other hand, simply didn't end up with a costume occasion this year.  She debated trick-or-treating just for the fun of it, but with not eating the candy, nor having a good way to redistribute it (secured building with no other kids living her, so we don't get trick-or-treaters), she ended up deciding not to.

We did, though, carve pumpkins.  We were late to the game for pumpkin procuring this year, not getting them until Tuesday.  We ended up just going to our local Fred Meyer's to buy them and they seemed to only have huge carving pumpkins.  Next to them, though, were pie pumpkins, so we decided to buy them and then use them after Halloween for making pumpkin puree.  They were more expensive, but aren't just rotting away out on our balcony post Halloween, so all is well.

The three of us carved them Tuesday evening after dinner.

Davan cut her hole a little too small and, with the innards clinging on, the top wouldn't come off until Anthony brought some tools out to pry it up.

 This also meant that scraping out the innards after getting the top off was a bit of a challenge, as one's hand barely fit through the hole.  This I know because I assisted in the scraping of the innards of Davan's pumpkin.

Davan made this great disgusted face when she stuck her hand in there, but when I got the camera out, she replaced it with a smile and refused to replicate it.  

So, I got a couple of her nicely smiling, even though she's freaking out on the inside.

Eventually, they all got done.  Mine is looking with shock at Davan's heartfelt design.

Davan did facial interpretations of each jack-o-lantern face.

Fun was had.

On Halloween morning, I decided to make a themed breakfast.  I had no pumpkin on hand to just make pumpkin muffins or the like, so I improvised. 

I made ghost shaped biscuits.

You may have to use your imagination, but Davan got it right off.  That's why I love that kid.
I also made monster fruit faces.

 Breakfast for two:

With the having to work thing coupled with the not planning ahead thing, I didn't have a dinner plan for Halloween dinner.  I left it in Davan's hands.  Thanks to diving being cancelled due to Halloween, she had the time. 

She went for bean quesadillas with olive faces.

Plus roasted broccoli for green hair.  And, for one face, a mustache.  This is in honor of the fact that Anthony is participating in Movember again.  Sigh.

Ranger enjoyed the treat of a rawhide bone. 

Davan also made dessert.  She thought of making something pumpkin-y and could have procured some, but, realizing that we were in for a lot of pumpkin after the cooking of the jack-o-lanterns, opted for more variations on the face theme. 

And, really, who can call huge peanut butter cookies with chocolate chip faces a bad idea?  Not I, my friends, not I.


  1. Keilee loves to trick or treat but she doesn't eat the candy either. She has made Halloween bags to take to Skate Day to give out. LOVE the pumpkins but I really love Davan's interpretation of them. ;) Too cute. And yes I don't think that Anthony could have topped those costumes. :) That Halloween breakfast is awesome. Wow.

  2. I liked the pictures even though you had told me most of this on the phone already.