Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Weekend Thus Far

The weekend started, for me, with coming home from work Friday evening to eat the Chickpeas and Broccoli dish Davan made for dinner.  Have I mentioned that we're doing a meal plan these days for our weekday dinners?

Monday:  Salad and Gnocchi or Pasta with Marinara Sauce
Tuesday:  Crockpot Soup
Wednesday:  Schezwan Broccoli over brown rice
Thursday:  YOYO  (You're on your own.)
Friday:  Davan cooks

We do go off schedule sometimes.  Sometimes I cook something for lunch when I have more time and we'll have leftovers for dinner.  Pretty much, though, this is the plan.  Davan has a goal of cooking from different countries most Fridays, but the Chickpeas and Broccoli is her standby, which is great because we all like it.

With the weekend started and no word yet about the MRI, I'm in waiting mode still about my hip.

For Anthony and Davan, though, the weekend started earlier because it was Anthony's Friday off and he and Davan went to the Oregon History Museum together.  They'd recently learned that it's free to Multnomah County residents, so they went to check it out.  Aside from some school groups full of kids who really didn't seem to want to be there aside from it being a day away from school, they had a good time.  They did not, though, take any pictures.  Sigh.

Davan also made a pizzoki for dessert, so a fine evening was had by all.  ;)

Saturday morning was just a hang out sort of morning.  We had smoothies for breakfast, supplemented by monster cereal for Anthony and a bagel each for Davan and I.  Over breakfast, Davan and I played Forbidden Island.  That gave me an idea.

I suggested to Davan that we challenge ourselves to play every game we own in one week.  She was on board with that and, after she did a library run, we got down to business. 

Yes, Davan was glaring at me in that picture.  I don't actually remember what remark I made to cause it, but, never-the-less, there it is.

At least, Davan and I got to work.  Anthony who is okay with some games, but doesn't enjoy them like we do said he'd play some, but for most of yesterday's play, just hung out with us while we played.

Ranger was happy that we played in her room so she could lounge on her bed and still be with us.

After a while, there was some slacking off of the game playing because Davan, the ingrate, wanted to read the books she'd gotten from the library.  Can you imagine?

We did reconvene over lunch, though, and Anthony joined us for a 3 or more person game.

Then Davan took yet another book break.  No endurance, I tell you.

I spent some of our break time reading myself and some doing some research.  The leaking joint fluid in the ankle the my doctor put me in a boot for?  Everything I read said the most important thing is not doing weight bearing activities.  A walking boot doesn't do anything to keep the weight off of it.  I'm a little concerned because I'm spending a lot of time on my feet at work and the ankle doesn't seem to be getting any better.  I don't really know what to do with that right now, but it's adding to my stress about the whole thing.

In the afternoon we went to the Kennedy School to watch Brave.  I'd heard really good things about it and what a great movie it was, so we decided we wanted to see it in a theater.  We hadn't seen a movie at the Kennedy School before.  It was fun.  They have couches!  Check it out.

Brave, in my opinion, was fine.  It had it's moments and it was entertaining, but I can't get behind the "Oh, it's so good!" movement.  It was a Disney movie.  They aren't bad, but it was pretty much just another one of the same ilk.

We stayed after the movie for dinner at the pub.  I'd thought to bring along a game to play while we were waiting for our food.

I actually carry around a deck of cards for this sort of purpose in my messenger bag that I use like a purse, but added a few options to work on the challenge.

McMinamins is a local chain here in Oregon (and I think a few in Washington).  They're great in that they take historic buildings, keep them up and re-purpose them.  They have bars, restaurants, theaters, lodging, spas, music venues - many have combinations of several of those things.  They all have a similar menu.  We hadn't eaten at one in a long time.  Sadly, we found the options for Davan and I to be pretty limited, so we'll probably not eat there for a long time again.  Still, it was a nice outing.  I'd wanted to do a soak in between the movie and dinner, but Anthony's not a soak sort of guy and Davan, who'd been all for it on Friday, didn't feel like a soak on Saturday, so we skipped that part.  After we were there, though, Davan said, "I feel like a soak now, Mom.  Next time, just be firm with me that I have to."  Yeah, 'cause that'll go well.

In honor of it being Halloween week, we watched a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode when we got home.  We're Buffy fans and it's fun to watch our favorites again from time to time, but Davan and Anthony have a much higher tolerance for re watching things than I do.  So, I was only up for one episode.  Then it was reading and bed.

Yesterday we played:  Forbidden Island, Backgammon, Secret Door, Zeus on the Loose, Imaginiff and Set.  We've got a long way to go, my friends.  So far, we haven't found any that we want to get rid of.  We've talked about that being a side benefit of doing the challenge - cleaning out our game supply.  So far, though, they're keepers.

Oh, also yesterday evening, in the course of drying Ranger off after a rainy walk, we stumbled on a Halloween costume for her. 

A babushka!  Isn't she sweet?

Ranger doesn't love it, though.  It was hard to get a good picture between the glares:

Looking away at the shame of it all:

And shaking it off.

We skipped our Sunday morning pancake breakfast in order to prepare food for and save our appetites for brunch with the Zig Zag families.  We made an apple coffee cake and home fries with smokey almond gravy for our offerings.  A nice time was had by all eating yummy food and poking friends.  Well, Anthony and I didn't actually do any poking, but we had some nice conversations.  We also did a skit building exercise where the parents all worked together on a short piece and the Zig Zags all worked together on a short piece, then performed them for each other.  Good fun.

Davan is now off at rehearsal and Anthony, who was so busy at work this week that he thought he would have to work on his Friday off, went into work for the afternoon while Davan is gone.  I'd considered swimming this afternoon, but have been feeling a little off, so opted to stay home and chill instead.  I'm working on telling myself that a prolonged rest from major working out is really probably okay to do just now.  I'll have time again to be fit.

We haven't gotten any games in today between cooking, brunching and rehearsal.  We'll have to use our mornings well this week.

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  1. Ranger looks so cute but pissed off.