Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Newest Game

On the 6th of October, the day prior to the marathon, also known on my various medical forms as "date of injury," we went out shopping in search of monster cereals for Anthony.

These childhood favorites of his were on his mind for some reason and, even though he hasn't eaten them in more than 15 years at a minimum (I have a vague memory of eating them when we were in our early 20s, but Anthony thinks it may have been more like 25 years), he had a need to find them this Halloween season.  I'd already looked at Fred Meyer's, the grocery store I walk to regularly.  He'd looked at Safeway while our for a walk with Ranger.  Both were a bust.

He was motivated enough that he did an internet search and discovered that they could be found at Walmart.  Now, it's been years sense our last Walmart shopping excursion, but we all piled in the car and went with Anthony on his quest.  Davan came only because it was while she was still looking for room decorating items.  I went only because Anthony asked for my company.  I'm not a big fan of shopping, much less at Walmart. 

As far as cereal and room decorating, Walmart was a bust.  However, we did find something in the clearance isle of the toy department. 

It was all of 5 bucks.  That actually made me think two or three times because, well, it must not be that great of a game if no one has bought it even though it's about the hugely popular Hunger Games.  And I do try hard not to bring more clutter into the home.  Still, $5.  We decided that even if it turned out to be a not-very-good game, it could well be worth the $5 of figuring out how to play and playing it once or twice.

We were then busy for the rest of the day.  After all, we still hadn't found the monster cereal.  Not to mention there was dinner with friends to go to.  The next day, being the "date of injury" was likewise, pretty busy.  Time went by that no one thought about The Hunger Games:  Training Days sitting up on the top of the game storage area.  It was out of sight and we were busy with Travels Through Africa.

Last week, though, we found ourselves at the game closet, looking for something to play over dessert one night and remembered our new game.  So we broke it out.  And we're having a blast with it.

All three of us have played several times, but Davan and I have played pretty much at least once daily for a week plus now.

The pets have been, of course, joining us when we play on the floor.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the best game ever.  Still, it's engaging and fun.  Well worth 5 bucks if you're a Hunger Games fan.


  1. I'll have to check that out. We are HUGE Hunger Games fans. :) Now off to read about the injury I didn't know about. :/

  2. Glad you found a new game you like.