Friday, October 26, 2012

Injury Update

The actual status of my injuries has not yet changed and I don't have any new answers.  My foot/ankle seems the same.  I'm not booting it all the time after having had a conversation with a physical therapist that I trust.  She said that mobilization is detrimental to healing unless you have a fracture.  She recommends careful movement and walking without limping.  For now, I'm wearing the boot at work and when I go to Poekoelan to train to both protect it and to remind myself and others to not overdo it, but not wearing it otherwise.

I had my MRI on Wednesday day.  I can't say that I loved the experience.  They also injected die to be able to see if anything is going on with ligaments or tendons in addition to checking for a stress fracture.  That was my first not loving it piece.  Then I got wheeled down hospital corridors on a stretcher, which was kind of wild - laying down and moving along.  That was new to me.  Then the MRI itself.  I don't think of myself as claustrophobic and I'm not a large person, so I didn't expect that I'd have trouble with the MRI, but I found it really unpleasant.  I had to keep my eyes closed and think about other things.  If I opened them and found myself looking at the tunnel, I felt really uncomfortable.  I was quite glad when it was over.

I should find out the results today.  I was told 1-2 business days, but that might also be for the doctor and then take more turn around time.  I hope I find out today or I'll have the whole weekend to wait.  Of course, unless there are crutches involved, nothing would really change for the weekend, so it probably doesn't really matter.  Still, I just want to know.

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  1. I am hoping that it will be something minor and very 'fixable'. I hate you have to go all weekend with no answers. Hugs friend.