Sunday, October 14, 2012

We've Had Company!

My parents arrived for a visit on Tuesday and left again on Saturday. 

Though the visit was on the short side, we really enjoyed seeing them.

We did a lot of eating out at favorite local restaurants that they no longer get to frequent, as they are living in Colorado.  One night we brought Hot Lips Pizza home to eat.  Yum.

We played Travels Through Africa a couple of times.  We checked out the plans for the house they're building in Colorado Springs. 

We spent a lot of time chatting and just being together.

Mom and Dennis also got their storage unit cleaned out.  Some items went to Goodwill, some to the dump, some here to our place (wood that Anthony will use for shelves), and some home to Colorado with them.  As is usual, in my ever so humble opinion, what was stored was probably not worth the trouble and cost to store it, particularly as several things that Dennis expected to be there weren't and there were some additions that did not belong to him.  The relator had taken care of getting the last of his stored things at the house here into the storage unit and didn't know that most of the things that were important to Dennis were not there while other junk had been added.  Ah well.  As this was the impetus for their visit, I guess I can't complain about it. 

They also spent an evening visiting with some friends from the area.  Sadly, though, the other event for the week was me getting a minor case of the stomach flu that's been going around work.  While I never even threw up, but just got stomach cramps and felt shaky for a little over a day, I managed to pass it to Mom who threw up much of Thursday night, the onset of which meant they had to leave their friends' house early.  Luckily, though, it was short lived for her and she was able to be up and around and even eat pretty normally on Friday, although it was a tired and weak day for her.

We sadly saw them off on Saturday morning.  They weren't able to stay for the weekend, needing to get back to Colorado to work on keeping things moving for the new house.  We had a really nice visit, though, as is normal and are looking forward to next time (probably Christmas).

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  1. We has a great visit too. And loved seeing the pictures. We are home, tired. The Van is empties and we cleaned the frig this evening as it was empty. Tomorrow we need to shop to put some things in it. Tickets are bought we will be there for Christmas.