Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Little Visitor

We've had company every Tuesday morning for about a month now.  Davan's two Zig Zag directors (a married couple) have two little ones - a four year old and a seven month old.  On Tuesday mornings, Mr. Director is at work while Mrs. Director has a kids' class at Do Jump to teach.  The four year old takes the class, but she needs someone to watch the seven month old.  It's our pleasure to get in a little baby time.

This morning, he fell asleep while Davan was wearing him.

He then proceeded to sleep until it was time to take him back to his mama.  So, we wrapped him and Davan up in one of Anthony's coats.

Doesn't she look far too happy to holding a baby?  Luckily, I have no doubt she'll wait to have her own little one until the time is right.  Which will be many years in the future yet.  She'll make a good mama, no?

Sometimes I also watch this little guy on Sundays when Davan has rehearsal, but then she doesn't get to share in the baby love, so it's nice to have this Tuesday morning time.

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  1. I think I have told you before I would love to do something like this once a week. Davan looks so cute holding the baby. I love how her hair is growing out.