Monday, November 14, 2011

Skills Montage

So, we're a few days too late on this, but we've come up with a preliminary skills montage for Davan.  The plan is to do a new video for the Circus Smirkus session V camp audition.  This is probably just a draft, though, as we're hoping to get more footage between now and then (January) and are likely to replace some what is in this video.  Also, she's considering other songs.  However, this does show more breadth of skills and a little more personality even without any more footage than we currently have.

I wonder if it would have been received?  Who knows?  Davan asked if it was too late to ask them to look at this one instead.  Yeah, 'fraid so.  Oh well.  There's always next year.

Although, at this point, we don't know about this year yet.  Davan is feeling like it isn't going to happen, though, based on what we've learned about the audition process.  Montage does seem to be king.

Anyway, here's the montage thus far.

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