Friday, November 25, 2011


Aside from my 10K, we did celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday, as well.

We also nearly celebrated my birthday.  When we first got up yesterday, Anthony said to me, "Happy Birthday, Honey!"

My reply?  "Okay, thanks, but it's on Saturday, you know."

We've been a couple for 20 years now.  In fact, this time of year marks our couple anniversary almost exactly. We started dating about a week before my 20th birthday.  All he really remembers, though, is that my birthday is near Thanksgiving.  Whereas not only do I know his birthday, but his social security number as well.  In fact, there are probably accounts of his that he'd have no idea how to access because I'm the one who's done all the setting up and managing of said accounts.  Ah well.  I don't really bear any ill will about the issue.

When we got home from the run, we were all really hungry.  But, first, I was in serious need of a shower, which Davan wanted as well.  And Anthony checked mail because no one had the day before.  Sadly, this brought a letter from Circus Smirkus saying that Davan was not invited to in person auditions.  She was really disappointed, but handled it well.  My heart just breaks for her every time I think about it.  I really hope she gets into their advanced camp.

After showers, we decided to just go ahead and do our big meal, even though it was only about 11:30.  Cooking, of course, took a while, even with all three of us in the kitchen.

By the time we ate, people were pretty excited.

Our menu included BBQ sweet potatoes and tempeh, ginger carrots, polenta stuffing, garlicy mushroom and kale and Bob's Red Mill vegan, gluten free rolls.  This was Anthony's plate:

There was a lot of picture taking at the table and Davan was getting pretty desperate to eat by the time we all sat down.

It was just the three of us for Thanksgiving, obviously.  BD (before dog), we'd developed a tradition of going camping in some form or another for Thanksgiving.  We've gone to yurts and to a fire lookout.  That was all fun, but dogs aren't allowed (although we know that people have tended to ignore that at the lookout and some yurts are changing, so we may go back to that).  At any rate, that's gotten people out of the habit of inviting us, which is fine, really, as we'd have had to make our food, then pack it up to take elsewhere as no local family does the whole vegan thing, much less gluten free.

After dinner, I called my mom to tell her about my run while Anthony and Davan started on clean up.  Then I helped with that, too, while Davan kind of wandered off.

I posted about my run, then we went for a walk before getting down to the business of pie.

Both the blueberry pie and the pumpkin pie turned out well.  We'd made them the day before all together.  Anthony has had some extra time off this week, which has been quite nice.  We had a cinnamon cashew whip to top them with.  Ranger just wanted to know when she'd get hers.

I did give the poor, long suffering dog my crusts.  She was pleased.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, we just kind of hung out.  We played some games, watched a little Glee, chilled.

It was a nice Thanksgiving, but I can't help but think of some of my favorites from the past.  I really liked the fire lookout Thanksgiving.  The year that Davan was nearly 2 and we went to Colorado where we had Thanksgiving at Chris' with my mom was a good one.  One of the best was before Davan was born and Anthony, Chris and I went to my sister Shelly's house where we had a large family gathering plus friends of Shelly's family.  Many of us stayed overnight and it was a really fun event.  That said, this one was good.  I really enjoyed doing my run in the morning.  I'd just have also enjoyed having had a bigger celebration for the rest of the day - although I'm pretty picky about with whom, so just the three of us is good, too.

I hope you all had a good holiday, too.

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