Saturday, November 05, 2011

Where I've Been

I haven't posted in a few days because Davan and I went on a little trip.  It came together at the last minute.  We conceived of the venture over the weekend and solidified plans on Monday.  We had a lot to do in a couple days - beyond packing and hotel finding, there were plans to cancel/re-arrange, paper work to fill out, panicking to do (that was on Davan's part). 

Where did we go?  Davan decided she wanted to take part in this.  So, we jotted off to Vancouver, B.C. for a few days.  It was a good thing she decided to look when she did because the audition was less than a week away by the time she looked it up.

But, that's not all that is going on this week.  Davan also is applying for this and the deadline for that application (complete with a video piece which Davan is putting in extra sessions at Do Jump to create) is coming up fast.  Either way, next summer could be an expensive one.

Not, that is, that our little jaunt up to Vancouver was cheap, for a variety of reasons, which I'll cover in future posts.  We had a very nice time over all and I'll share it with over a couple of posts.

For now, though, just one picture to whet your appetite.  

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  1. My appetite is totally wetted. Post or write more. I what to hear how it all went.