Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Healthy Halloween

We did a special dinner for Halloween last night.  In some past years, we've done pizza on Halloween.  We wanted to have something special, but I also wanted something healthy.  I was reminded of something we'd done a few years ago when I was looking for pictures of Davan in past Halloween costumes and ended up doing it again.

We didn't carve pumpkins, but that doesn't mean we didn't make pumpkin faces:

Davan decorated two - one for her dad and one for me - while I did the third - for Davan.

Here's Davan with her's:

It's a cat.  I'm sure if you couldn't tell, it's just from the angle.

She took a picture of me with mine, as well, but I can see we need to work on photography skills.  I'm there and all, but rather distant for being the primary subject matter.

A close up:

This one was Davan's first and had it's tongue sticking out.  This one ended up being mine and needed more steamed broccoli in my opinion, but the face was cute.

The pumpkin part is mixed mashed sweet potatoes and yams.  The sweet potatoes are in there because I like them better, but the yams are what makes it orange.  I mashed them with fresh sage, garlic and black pepper.  It was a yummy mash. 

Once Anthony came home:

and we were ready to eat, I used my broccoli spears to scoop up the mash.  It was quite tasty.

Of course, all of this eating was done over an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 'cause it was Halloween and all.

I made a dessert, too, but don't have pictures because they didn't turn out pretty.  I made pumpkin whoopie pies.  They were gluten free and also sugar free.  The only sweeteners in there were pumpkin (real mashed pumpkin from, you know, a gourd) and dates.  I made a cashew cream whip for filling and away we went.

After Buffy and eating, we went for a walk to see all the trick or treaters.  We didn't have any at our door due to the fact that we live in a secure building.  Davan was a little sad about that.  She likes handing out candy or trick or treating, but she doesn't actually eat the candy and feels like she's too old for it.  She's on the lookout for a posy of little kids to chaperone next year so she can be involved. 

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