Monday, October 31, 2011

Up Early

I got up a couple of long hours before the crack of dawn today.  You see, Anthony needed help with his makeup:

And he needed help getting into his dress:

He had to modify the back of it to fit and putting it on now involves safety pins in the back.

He tells me he doesn't plan on making make up a regular part of his day or I'd have to teach him how to do it himself.

Here he is all ready to ride to work:

Meanwhile, it's now 6:00am and I'm tiptoeing around the house so as not to wake up the dog.  I'd half planned on going back to sleep, but I've got a 5 mile run to get in this morning and Davan's make up to do before she goes to Do Jump, so by the time I got settled in and actually fell back asleep, it'd probably be time to get up again.  I wish I had a jog stroller for Lovely.  Then I'd go back to bed and run after she got here.  Ah well.  I guess I'll just be tired again tonight. 

I was tried last night and turned my light out at 9:15, but was frustrated in the falling asleep department, not managing the feat until about 10:30.  Grrr.

Davan has requested Buffy watching this evening, as it's Halloween and all.  She thinks we should go ahead and eat while watching.  I haven't really figured out what's for dinner yet...pumpkin soup maybe?....but we can probably do that plan.

Last night, we ate at the table:

Partially because we were eating family style in the Chinese sense.  That means eating directly off of central plates.  We had an interesting mix of Pad Thai and french fries.

We haven't been eating out really at all with Davan and I trying the whole gluten free thing (which, by the way, is going okay in that it isn't that hard to do, but we're not really seeing much/any difference, so I'm not convinced it's our issue, but we'll stick it out a bit longer), so we did an eating out style dinner.  I actually used a little oil in making the Pad Thai and the fries were a particular craving for a certain family member.  That'd be Anthony, although we all partook.

Well, not Ranger, who was a mix of hope and abject disappointment about the whole dinner affair:

I hope your Halloween is a good one!

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