Saturday, October 15, 2011

Buffy Do Over

We packed up and headed to the theater Thursday evening for our big night out, all excited, only to find that the theater, like a bar, doesn't allow minors after 9pm.  :(  It was seriously disappointing, particularly for Davan, who campaigned to find any other theater with any other movie starting at 10pm to go see.  We came home and went to bed instead.  But, it was a bummer.

Even with the more or less on time bed time, Davan slept in until 9:30 the next morning, and I slept in until 8:00, so I was just as glad we hadn't stayed out until midnight and gone to bed instead.  However, something had to be done about a night of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and snacks.

I've previously checked the library and Netflix for the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie to no avail, so at first, I was saying that there wasn't even anyplace we could get it from.  Anthony asked if I'd checked Movie Madness, an actual video store a few blocks from our new home where we've rented a couple times.  No, I hadn't, so I did.  Low and behold, they had it.

So, last night, while Davan was at her straps class, I went over and rented Buffy.  When she got home, we settled down to the snacks (baked chips, Odwalla juice and homemade raw cookies) I'd gotten for the night before and watched Buffy. 

The movie itself?  Well, it was interesting.  Fun in many parts.  Stupid in many parts.  We had fun dissecting the differences between the movie and the TV show - there are lots!  And debated if it had come out in the 80s (as Anthony had thought) or in the early 90s (my input because I remembered him and I seeing it together) and ended up pausing the movie to look it up.  I was right, of course, with a release of '92.

So, we ended up having an enjoyable evening, even if it was nearly 24 hours delayed, but not quite, which made it even better for us early to bed types.

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