Friday, October 28, 2011

There's a New Man in My Life

Here's my husband:

And here's the man I came home to today:


  1. OH my...He is very good looking either way!! Do you find yourself staring at him? I sure did at Dennis when he did the same.

  2. Yes! That first 24 hours or so, I stared a lot. I'm easing off of it now, but it was such a change. It's been about a decade of beard preceded by a year or two of not, preceded by several years of beard. So, yeah, it's a big change. Turns out that once I got over the shock, I like it. However, he'll be growing a mustache in the month of November, so that'll be different, too. After, though, he's going to go clean shaven for a while for me. :)