Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dressed Up

We went to a Halloween costume party last night.  It was at the home of one of Davan's best friends and was a whole family affair. 

Davan hadn't planned on dressing up this year.  We didn't do Halloween last year and she was happy for a break in costume making.  The couple years before that were big costume years, which she enjoyed at the time.

In fact, in '07, she was so into Halloween that she had two costumes, one that was more maneuverable than the other:

She got so much attention for the dragon costume that she was inspired to keep making homemade costumes for a couple years to come.  It was a dad/daughter project for a few years.  They spent so much time on the dragon head...I was frankly glad to leave it to them.

In '08, she did this:

Actually, both her dad and I helped on this one, but it was her project primarily just with a little help.  She's a gnome on a toadstool if you don't find that immediately obvious.

Anthony was busy with his own costume that year, too:

He was CADMan.  He won the office costume contest that year.  He did his costume all himself.  No help from me or Davan.  Very independent that guy.

In '08, Davan was just going to get a little into the Halloween spirit:

However, then she got abducted:

Shocking, no?  She and Anthony were the makers of this costume again and, again, she got lots of attention with it. 

Later, though, she calmed down and was just sitting on the alien's lap next to my mom on the couch:

I guess the alien was pretty friendly.

As I was saying earlier, she took a break after that.  We had our year of alternate holidays and didn't do Halloween.

This year, Davan was, again, not going to dress up.  But then, just a week ago, she got invited to her friend's Halloween party and, suddenly, needed to come up with a costume.  She had lots of ideas, but only a week to make anything happen.  Then, on Monday, she found out that the class she teaches on Monday was being encouraged to dress in movement friendly costumes for class.  So, she went pretty simple so she could dress for Do Jump.

I'm realizing here that our pictures were less than great from last night.  I'll still share what we've got, but I'll try to get better on Monday. 

Davan went with being a jack-o-lantern.  She's just in black for clothes.  She and I both worked on her makeup:

The reason she needed to do some of her own orange was that I was also busy doing someone else's makeup.  Sadly, there isn't a picture of me actually doing it, but here is the result of both make up jobs:

Anthony made good use of the dress Grandma sent.  Here he is, showing a little leg:

He made quite a stir walking to the party:

Sadly, there isn't a picture of him without his coat on nor one of him in his wig.  Like I say, I'll try to remedy that on Monday.

Anthony will be modifying his costume slightly for Monday.  He's following up on the CADMan of '08 with CADGirl of '11. 

And me?  Well, I really didn't want to spend a lot anything on my costume, so waited until the last minute, then ran off to Goodwill to search for inspiration, but didn't buy a thing and ended up looking like this:

Yeah, the only picture of my costume, as it were, was helping Davan with hers.

This idea, though, was a book character - Mercy Thompson.  I've got a paw print "tattoo" on my navel and am wearing one of Anthony's dog tags and my wedding ring on a chain.  Then there's the shirt, which, really, I don't think Mercy would wear like that, but it shows something similar on the book covers.  Of course, on the book covers, she's also covered in tattoos, but she only has the paw print and a couple Celtic knots when you actually read the books.  And, she's got long brown hair that she usually wears in braids, so it wasn't a great costume, but I did made a bit of an effort.

The party itself was nice, but mostly people we didn't know, which is a difficult situation for a bunch of introverts like us, so we went, hung out, did the social thing, then came home to chill for the tail end of the evening. 

Both Anthony and Davan will dress up again on Monday for work, but this was my one evening of costume fun. 

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  1. Alright Anthony in a dress!! You as Mercy and Davan all in orange and black! LOve the pics looking forward to more from Monday. I love you picture of you helping Davan with your lovely looking condo in the back ground. It looks all colors, wood and light. Lovely