Sunday, October 09, 2011

Open House

After living here for 2 1/2 months, we finally got around to having an open house.  We've really been pretty settled for close to two months, but a variety of factors had us putting off an open house (a Chicago trip, weekend obligations, general feet dragging).  I finally decided that we needed to just pick a day and do it before the walls started to not look newly painted and new things started looking dingy.  That day was yesterday.

We invited pretty much all of our local friends and family to stop by anytime between 1pm-4pm to see the new digs.  We told people they didn't have to RSVP, but we'd still heard a few nos and a few yeses.  We weren't really sure what to expect turn out wise.  This made me nervous.

I worried that no one would show.  I worried that too many people would show and stay too long so that we'd be too packed in and there wouldn't be enough food.

We spent the morning preparing - giving the place a good cleaning, which needs to happen every now and again anyway.  In fact, we'd pretty much taken the week off from major chores in anticipation of wanting things to be fresh for Saturday afternoon, so there was a fair amount to do.  Still, we were done ahead of schedule with plenty of time to shower and prep food.

I picked food that didn't really need much preparation, though, so that took not much time at all...then 1pm came.

No one showed up...time ticked on...1:20, we got our first comers.  We had a fair amount of people trickling in and out after that until a little after 4:00 and did not run out of food.  Whew.  We'd have enjoyed seeing a few more of our friends that weren't able to come for a variety of reasons, but over all, we all had fun. 

Davan mentioned after that she was pleased that there was pretty much always someone here for her to hang with.  Literally.  We've all seen her room, right?

Part of Davan's preparation was hanging things from her ceiling in the optimal positions. 

We do like our new digs, so it was fun to show it to people.  The crowds were about right and the food was about right, as well.  We do have some leftovers...apparently I got more carrots than needed and we overstocked beer a bit, but Anthony is not unhappy about that...

All-in-all, a successful gathering for our little band of mostly non-entertaining introverts. 

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