Monday, October 03, 2011

Pain Update

I'm going to answer a comment with a whole new post, rather than in the comments.  My mom asked about Davan's toes, her back and my abdominal pain.

Davan's toes are fine.  Not hurting at all.  Not going to the podiatrist was a good call on that one.

Davan's back is...getting better.  We went to the chiropractor for the first visit on Tuesday two weeks ago now.  The chiropractor, whom we liked pretty well, talked to Davan, which made Davan all stressed out with trying to explain her pain, then examined Davan in a variety of different positions and with a variety of different pressures.

What she discovered was that Davan's pelvis is not aligned.  The left side is kind of tilted back at the top.  So, she's been working on realigning her pelvis.  She's also given Davan certain exercises to do at home, which Davan has been pretty hit and miss about, to be honest.  Davan has gone back twice - once more that first week and then once the next week.  Her chiropractor says that some bodies respond pretty readily to adjustment while others take some more treatments to respond.  Davan will be going back again this Friday.  And, now that we've met our deductible, thanks to my little ER trip, it's really cheap to take her. 

Davan said that she didn't notice a difference at first, but that last week, she noticed that while she still had pain during back bends, it wasn't as bad.  So, I guess we'll keep it up.

As for me, well, it definitely wasn't mittlesmerch after all because it's still not totally gone.  I'm back to thinking it's a pulled muscle, which is what I originally thought right up to when it did the sharp increase in pain while I was sitting still. 

It is nearly gone now, but any engaging of my abdominals definitely brought it back on.  Yesterday was the first day that I didn't really notice it pretty much all day.  I'm a little nervous about going to strength training at Do Jump tomorrow morning in case doing the core work (which is what most of it is) aggravates it and sets me back.  I haven't decided what to do about that yet.  I'm leaning toward not going tomorrow and being really ready to go back next week, but I hate to miss another week.

What's been good, though, is after the first few days, I've been able to run with no real backlash and, after the first couple days, walking wasn't really an issue, either.

So, that's the pain update - all is getting better, which is good, but not gone, which isn't so great.

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