Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Off

Yesterday, Davan and I took the day off.  Well, okay, not entirely.

Davan got up and did a quick walk/run with Ranger.  Davan was inspired by the run on Sunday and wants to do one.  We've signed up for all three of us to do the Winter Wonderland 2 mile run on the 26th of November, so she's training.

I met a friend for a walk and ran the 1.5 miles to our meeting location and back.

But then...we decided to veg.  We popped popcorn for our lunch (nutritious, no?) and watched a little Netflix.  Yeah, yeah, we were going to wean ourselves away from that.  And, really, we've cut way back, but we were feeling like a veg day.

We decided to watch Dollhouse.  Anthony and I have watched the show before and liked it, but it is a little adult in parts, so I wasn't totally sure about introducing it to Davan, but she was interested and has totally been on a woman-lead action kick, so we went for it.  We watched three episodes over the course of the afternoon.

In our defense, we did also make dinner:  dalh, brown rice, roasted carrots and a dessert of apple cobbler, so we didn't totally slack.  Oh yes, and chores were done - I scooped the litter box, took out the trash, paid bills, worked on laundry and tended dishes.  Davan did a thorough room cleaning and a mediocre bathroom cleaning (that is a skill to be worked on).

Overall, though, it was a down day.  A day of rest, which was nice to take in the middle of the week, as it's been a pretty busy week.  We took Lovely to the zoo on Monday afternoon, Tuesday was busy all day with dentist appointments and, because we were in Gresham for the dentist (we will be changing, but haven't yet), running errands that suburbs are good for (cheaper grocery shopping, Goodwill, as our local one is pretty hoity-toity), as well as company for dinner. 

Today is Davan's busy day, made busier by a Do Jump friend who went away to college being back in town and fitting in seeing her prior to Tracker's this morning.  Meanwhile, Ranger and I did a 5 mile run (with hills!), I did Do Jump work for three hours, made apple compote (I bought a big box of apples Tuesday for $10 and am trying to use them up while they're good - luckily, this isn't difficult), and rode to meet a friend for a walk and back (a 2.5 hour event).

It's all good stuff.  Who was it that thought I could fit a job in around all this?  Oh, yeah, that was me.  Of course, not all weeks are so busy and, hey, I could have skipped Dollhouse yesterday, but I have to say, I like not having to fit that in with everything else on weeks like this.

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  1. Nice that Davan's friend was making time for her. Too bad the day went wrong at the end of the day. :-(