Thursday, May 10, 2012

Afternoon in the Yard

For whatever reason, Davan and I have been finding ourselves in hibernating mode, even as the weather is turning nice.  Part of it is that Davan has had a cold, but it wasn't a really bad one.  She was really only feeling laid low on Monday.  Part...I don't know.  Bad screen habits mostly, I think.

It's not that I haven't been getting outside.  The dog does need her regular walks, after all.  It's just that I've been feeling like I've spent an awful lot of time sitting on the couch in front of the screen in one way or another.

This afternoon I announced that we were going out to the yard.  I gathered up some entertainment, encouraged Davan to do the same, which she was happy to do, took the dog and headed out for a couple hours.

We had a lovely time.  I took my book, but it was boring me, so I didn't read much.  I asked Davan to work some of my Poekoelan moves with me, which we did at several points over the course of our afternoon.  I got set one on video.  Mind you, I don't do the hold all the way to completion with Davan - I almost never throw her to the ground, though you will see her roll once here.   It's usually just to see if I have the idea of it rather than doing the whole thing to finish.  Any-who, here you go.

Davan spent some quality time with her notebook when she wasn't being my attacker.

After a while, a dancing mood overtook her.

Ranger enjoyed being in the yard, sniffing about, snoozing, watching the world go by and getting tangled up in her tether.

As I mentioned, my book was boring me a bit, so when I wasn't doing Poekoelan with Davan, I took a bunch of pictures.  Then I decided to play with making collages.  Here are some results of that endeavor.

Face shots:

Around the yard shots:

Ranger shots:

Action shots:

Davan and Ranger shots:

After messing with a couple of online photo collage programs...I haven't found one I'm thrilled with.  I like Photovisi the best so far, but it's not easy to change around pictures once they're up and that's frustrating.  I think I'll need to keep looking around.  Any suggestions?


  1. LOVE all of the collages! Those are awesome. I like the way they all turned out. I am never very creative with my collages. I just used Picasa. Love the video too! Nice to see YOU in action and not just Davan. :)

  2. So far I have only played with Picasa.

  3. No Tad-ku did not post to you blog....that was me but he was still signed into his google account on my computer.