Saturday, May 19, 2012

Show Weekend Take II

It's the second and last weekend of Zig Zag shows for Davan.  Anthony and I are not going tonight.  I always say in advance that we won't go to all of the shows.  Then, often, I wish we were going to all of them.  Sometimes I buy last minute tickets...I probably would have done that for tonight's show, but it's completely sold out.

I did, though, buy a couple last minute tickets for Anthony and I for tomorrow.  I'm ushering for the 1:00 show, but the 4:30 show is the last of the run.  I like going to the last show.  The cast party is right after.  There are special speeches at the end of the show honoring various people including the graduating seniors...all-in-all, it's a difficult one to miss.  I'd been planning on just sneaking in the isle for that part, but a lot of parents do that and the kids actually need space in the isle for their last piece.  I don't want to be clogging it up.  So, yes, justify it how you will, I'll be there again.

I did go over this afternoon to help set up for the shows.  There is quite a bit to do to move the space over from classroom to theater.  Among other tasks, I was privileged enough to get to wipe down mats.  My own floor could use some of that love, I tell you.

In other goings on over the weekend, I went to Poekoelan this morning and got a good workout attacking people, for the most part.  I still haven't gotten to try my speed through for time.  Oh well, it'll happen.  I'm not running this weekend, but I'll be starting back up on Monday.  I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, Anthony is going for a long bike ride with friend, who is also a Zig Zag parent, who is training for an Ironman Triathlon (I'm in awe) and has been getting lonely on her long solo training rides.  It'll be good for both of them if they turn out to be compatible training partners.

Davan finished up the equivalent of her first year of French on Rosetta Stone today.  I might have said that she'd done that before, but I had misunderstood what she'd told me.  Today I know it's true, as I watched her pass her final milestone.  We took her out to lunch to celebrate...well, that and I had a craving for Thai food.  We've also told her we'll get her a French/English dictionary when she's done some research and found one that she really likes.  It's something she's been wanting, so she's pretty excited about that.

The three of us watched a couple of episodes of Modern Family last night.  I got the first season from the library and we've been surprised to discover that we like it.  While there are a few TV shows I like, I've found many more that I don't.  I wasn't really expecting a lot from this show, but Davan had seen a preview for it and expressed an interest.  We're finding it really funny and are looking forward to watching more episodes when time allows.


  1. Huuummm maybe I will have to check out Modern Family in the winter.

  2. I hope that Davan enjoys her final performances. I know she will. We watch very few TV shows and "Modern Family" is one of them. Most TV sitcoms are a bit stupid, but I like the humor in that one.