Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little More Rambling

We're having a four day weekend at our house because it's Anthony's Friday off today.  We'd talked about going camping, but didn't for a few reasons.  The weather is looking like it'll be pretty decent, but not great.  We were going to backpack and weren't looking forward to it being cold at night.  Then there is my pulled muscle.  So, now we're mostly hanging out.

We do have a few things going on.  Davan is going to open workout this evening at Do Jump.  Anthony is going to go on a long bike ride with Kim again this weekend - it went well last weekend and she needs to do another long one.  Davan and I signed up to do a Parkour Challenge course tomorrow.  I'm a little worried about how my glut will like that, but I'm doing it anyway.

Today, though, up until open workout, has been pretty free after a ride Anthony took this morning.  We've had a good one so far, although I haven't gotten the camera out at all, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Ranger and I went to the dog park where she got in a good run and stopped for bagels on the way home.  We have been playing Family Rotational Fun, which is something we used to do a lot, but haven't in a while.  We each came up with four activities and wrote them down to be drawn out of a hat.  The exact rules vary, but today, we're doing three activities, then watching an episode of Modern Family, then taking time to do individual things as needed, then cycling through again.

So, far, we've gotten a picture book each from the library and read them aloud to each other, played Munchkin, planned dinner and gone shopping for the ingredients, played Ranger hide and seek (one person takes her out in the hall and the others hide with a treat so she can find us), played Madlibs, and played catch with balls from big to small and a challenge to meet.  We've watched two episodes of Modern Family, I've blogged, obviously, Anthony's run to the bike store, Davan has read and we've gotten dinner ready.  Yes, it'll be quite early.  That happens with a late breakfast and no lunch.

And I'm off for vegan sausages wrapped in bread with pickle fries.  Have a great long weekend!

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  1. Glad to hear that Anthony's ride went well with Kim and that they did it again. Sounds like a nice weekend at home. I am so looking forward to going home.