Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Davan Prepares

One of the things Davan likes best about traveling is preparing to for the trip.  She's spent a lot of time this last week doing just that.  Getting her entertainment together can be a long process.  She likes best what she's prepared for herself.

She likes to create activity workbooks for herself including word games, drawing games and puzzles.

She likes to prepare her own audio entertainment.  Unlike most people, though, this doesn't mean creating a playlist or stocking up on audio books.  No, this means a lot of time spent recording.  She truly creates her own.

So, for much of this last week, she's been in her room with the door closed, talking.  She used to do this on a cassette recorder, but she now has an MP3 player with sufficient recording memory to do it there, which is much more convenient and also gives her a lot more entertainment for the size.

She records all sorts of different things from stories and poems she's made up to ones from books and magazines.  She gives herself tasks to do while traveling - something to find, for example.  She talks about the excitement of the trip.

When I sneaked into her room to take pictures, she wasn't thrilled with me, complaining about messy hair.

It's 3:30 in the afternoon kid!  You've had plenty of chance to take care of your hair if it was so important.  Ah the life of a homeschooler.

Ranger, who isn't preparing for a trip, seems to be settling into her new look.

While wondering what the heck I'm doing and if it might be dangerous.

Just a picture, Puppy, it's pretty safe.

So, guess which trip Davan is preparing for with all the recording?  If you guessed our upcoming Colorado trip, you'd be wrong.  Nope.  She's working on entertainment for traveling to Circus Smirkus in August.  Yes, really.  She tells me I should be amazed at the fact that she isn't preparing for the Switzerland trip in December already.  Why, though, isn't she doing that yet?  It's not because it's too far away, no, not at all.  It's simply because she's decided to make herself wait until after Lena leaves.

She sure loves to prepare.


  1. Yes I would have guessed the Colorado Trip. so if she all ready for that trip?

    1. Silly Oma, one doesn't make audio entertainment for a trip to Colorado. We're all together in the car, listening to audio books. At least that's what Davan is telling me. She has, in the past, done a little audio for the trip to Colorado, but not for while.

      Davan says she has refrained so far from making a packing list, so no, she's not all ready. She also says that she and Lena will be working on a list of things they want to do.

  2. I love Davan!! She is such a creative kid. I love that she makes her own audio! That is awesome. :)