Friday, September 16, 2011


Now that we've moved, Davan is getting herself to and from most of her activities.  Soon it will be all of them, but for the moment, I'm going with her for first times to make sure she knows the route and to check her in when necessary. 

This is all great.  However, I can't help but fret some, being a fretting sort of person.  I try to keep my fretting from Davan, as she's angst ridden enough herself.  But, for example, right now her straps class at Night Flight is getting out.  She'll be getting on her bike and riding home.  It's her first ride home from there.  I rode over with her this evening and she was quite confident about the route home.  And she has a cell phone now, so she can call if something goes wrong.  And there is no reason to think that anything bad will happen...but, I'll be glad when she gets home.

I also know that the more that she does these things, the more relaxed I'll be about it.  And the more relaxed she'll be.  She's glad to be independent, but she is anxious about it, as well.  Routine will smooth it all out, though.

It's all just one of those things to adjust to with the move.


  1. Nice to see you blogging again. Love the new photo at the top. Can't believe Davan was five when I met her.

    Geez. Time flies, huh?

  2. Sure does. It's crazy that Lyssa is an adult now!