Sunday, September 18, 2011

Veg Fest

This weekend was all about the Veg Fest for us.  We'd actually planned on going to the beach for a night of camping, but the weather forecast was looking pretty crappy, so we scrapped that and, instead, spent the weekend grazing our way through free samples and listening to lectures on the hows and whys of being vegan.  Or, at least, Davan and I did most of the weekend.  Anthony sat out Saturday's trip, but joined us today.

I have to say that we didn't really learn anything new, but it's still motivating and fun to be around a bunch of other vegans or, at least, wannabes.  I did find a new blog, though, that I'm having fun reading.  Check out Peas and Thank You, written by a Portland mom who is going vegan.  Her kids are adorable, her recipes are tasty, particularly for new vegans, and she's pretty funny, too.

I particularly enjoyed two of the speakers.  One was Neal Barnard,who's written a whole slew of books, several of which I've read.  He's clear and entertaining speaker with a good message in my humble opinion.  And the other is Chef AJ, who, while really in your face, is also very entertaining with a good message, as well.

We ran into a family who used to come to the game group I ran for homeschoolers out of our house on Thursdays.  Those kids are not really kid-like anymore.  It's actually the second time I've run into them post game group years and the other time was at Veg Fest two years ago.  It's funny that I had no idea they were so inclined food-wise when they came to game group.

I'm feeling motivated to lean back toward more whole foods, which is something I've been slowly sliding on more and more (case in point, the Newman's Os and Rice Dream habit we've been indulging around here).  We'll see how long that lasts...and I do still eat a lot of whole foods, so it's more about convincing myself not to splurge (so often?  at all?  not sure yet) than to make sweeping changes to my day to day eating.

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