Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obligatory Update Post

Okay, for anyone who's read before and wants to know, I should do a little update, I suppose. 

The big news is - we've moved!  We're living in just the neighborhood we wanted to and love it.  We only use the car about once a week and were on the verge of just selling it when we changed our minds mostly for camping and skiing reasons. 

We moved in late August, after a very stressful escrow period which nearly ended in us not getting the condo we're in, and we're settling in quite nicely.

Davan is starting up all her fall activities with Do Jump at the top of the list.  She walks herself to Do Jump now and it takes about 7 minutes!!!  Who-hoo!!!  She's teaching two homeschool classes, doing Zig Zags and taking two adult classes.  She's also doing an all day homeschool class every Thursday with TrackersPDX.  That is where she is today and why her room is quiescent.  It's a little odd to have her gone all day.

She's going to be taking a homeschool drama class starting next Friday.  There is also straps class at Night Flight and, of course, time with friends to round out her activities.

All this is will, after she's all settled and getting herself to and from independently, which is in the very near future as she's already riding home from Trackers today by herself, leaves me with a fair amount of spare time that I'm am contemplating how I want to use...

So, there you go, a brief updating and now we'll see where we go from here...

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