Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ranger's Bed

This may look like Davan's new bed in Davan's new room, but if you thought so, you'd be wrong. 
It's Ranger's bed.  Now, this is all Davan's fault, as Davan was the one to invite Ranger onto her bed when it was still hers.  Sleeping with Ranger was one of the things about the move that Davan was really looking forward to.  See, her previous bed, while cat friendly, wasn't Ranger friendly.
Ladders are not great for dogs, generally speaking.
So, upon moving, Davan invited Ranger up onto her bed.  At first, Ranger didn't believe her.  She was too well trained to not get on beds and she wouldn't get up, thinking she was maybe being tricked.  However, Davan was persistent.  She lured Ranger up with treats.  For a week or so, Ranger would only get up at bedtime, after having been invited up by Davan.

Davan, wanting Ranger up there more, started training her to get up during the day.  She had to repeat the treat lure at first.  It wasn't long, though, before Ranger realized that Davan was telling her that she had a new bed.  So much for the comforter on the floor!  (Not to mention that one of the cats, who's since had to find a new home, was making a litter box of Ranger's comforter.)  No, she had a full fledged bed!  What a deal!  

Now, most of the time, you can find Ranger on Ranger's bed.  Davan has to fight for space when she wants it.  All-in-all, Davan is pretty happy about this, enjoying the cuddle time with Ranger and feeling they've got a special bond.  There are those time, though, that Davan will complain about being rabbit kicked during the night (although, now that I think about it, she hasn't complained about that in a while - perhaps she's learned to sleep through that event) or that she goes into her room and finds the bed like this:
Ranger likes to make herself comfortable.  Davan would prefer the bed stayed made.  

Siblings.  What's a mother to do?

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  1. Ranges seems pretty happy about all this.