Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Hanging

 This seems to be our plan for the afternoon - literally just hanging for some of us.

We'd talked about running a few errands, but...

We seem to be tending toward the lazy.

Except maybe for Licorice, who missed the boat on breakfast this morning and is sitting by the door to the pet food closet, making her displeasure known.

Davan looks like she's having much more fun than she would have been having at the podiatrist having an ingrown toe nail fixed, which was actually on the schedule for this afternoon.

Davan has been having some trouble with ingrown toe nails.  She had to have one cut out in the spring, just before it was performance time for Zig Zags, a dance competition and a trip to Colorado Springs.  We opted to just have it cut off, not permanently altered due to needing a shorter recovery time.  The podiatrist warned us that it would likely grow back, but Davan needed to be on her feet in less than a week, so he agreed with our choice.

This time, it was the big toe on the other foot that has been bothering her off and on.  We finally made an appointment to have a permanent slice taken off that toe nail to prevent it happening again, as it seems to be an issue for her, but three things happened.

1) Today I found some back feedback for the clinic I was taking her to.  Apparently, one of the docs is great, but one is awful and I didn't know which one this appointment was with.

2) I read up on ingrown toe nails and, with the on again off again nature of this complaint, I felt like we could let it work itself out this time.  (Last time, that was not the case, as it was supper painful and infected.)

3) Davan said she'd prefer not to go have the procedure done, as her toe isn't currently hurting, doing the procedure would be painful and she doesn't want to be out of commission for a couple weeks.

We still talked about going out.  I need to go to Trader Joe's.  I'm debating a trip to Winco (we don't have one nearby here and I've been doing most of my shopping by walking to Fred Meyer's, but Winco is a lot cheaper) and a trip to Target/Goodwill/Old Navy to look for a couple of shirts for Davan, who really only has three shirts she's happy to wear. 

But, we've decided to put all that off to tomorrow.  Tomorrow there are more medical procedures to deal with.  Davan has an ortho appointment to adjust those braces and we have to drive out to Gresham for that anyway, so we'll do our shopping then. 

Of course, we can't dawdle too much because we have to be back in our neck of the woods for a 3:00 appointment with a chiropractor.  Davan has been having some lower back pain when she does front walkovers, bridges, even cobra for most of the summer.  We need to see what can be done, other than just not doing these things 'cause that won't work for this kid.

So, today, though, at least this afternoon (Davan did teach for 2.5 hours at Do Jump.  I went for an hour long run with Ranger and did chores.  And filled out what turned out to be unnecessary medical forms. ), is just hanging out.  

Davan is pretty excited that she figured out how to make her swing higher so she's at tree height, which is, in addition to slowly moving in a circle, is an important prerequisite to writing in one's notebook.

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  1. So what did you find out about Davan's back and how is her toes? And by the way are you having any more pain?