Saturday, February 02, 2013

Davan is There!

Davan's travels went of without a hitch.  She didn't even have a seat mate, so her flight was really comfortable.  She said she couldn't get the sound to work for the movies, so she just wrote, looked out the window and read a lot.  She said she wouldn't have been much more comfortable at home, having a quite day.

When she got to Amsterdam, passport control was exceptionally easy with no line at all.  She didn't have to worry about her bag, as it was checked through.  She had time to look around the airport, which was really exciting for her.

As soon as she got into Basil, Karin, Lena's mom, sent me this:

Aw.  I'm so glad to see the girls together again.

Davan sent me a little email shortly there after, saying she was tired, but happy and excited.

They went out sightseeing already and Karin sent me these:

It seems that Davan has borrowed a jacket.  It looks good on you, Davan.  Thanks to whomever it was who lent it.

These pictures made me really nostalgic for last year.  I loved having these two girls with their enthusiasm and playfulness around so much.

Thanks Karin for having Davan to stay and for sending me pictures!


  1. Brought tears to mine and Tad-ku's eyes. So happy to see this wonderful trip come true. So happy to see the girls together. Thank you Karin from me too for the pictures.

  2. How exciting! How long will she be gone? I know you'll miss her but you know she's in good hands and having a wonderful time.

    Davan is so adult now. So interesting to remember that five year old who started in our troop!

    Kind of weird for me to see 'my' girls grow up.

    One of the girls from my first troop (before ours) is 25, married with two children. You knew that Greer just had a baby, right? (Right after Grayum's girlfriend had one).