Saturday, February 02, 2013

Goodbye Vlog

We did do a vlog about Davan's goodbye morning.  Of course, this will be the last "Davan and Nicholina Show" for a while, at least.  Please excuse the picture quality/lighting.  I was using my iPod because Davan was taking the camera with her.

It's 5:30pm here as I type this (although it'll get posted later, after the video uploads, which can be a slow process around here) and Davan has been flying for 4 hours.  She has 6 more to go until she gets to Amsterdam, where she'll have a quick plane change, which she's a little nervous about making, then board a much shorter flight (I think it's only an hour) to Basel. 

When you get there, Davan, you and Lena can watch this together:

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  1. Oh I loved that! Keilee and I watched it together. Now off to read about her adventures!