Monday, February 18, 2013

Picture Dump from Switzerland

I received a few new pictures over the weekend from Karin plus Davan figured out how to send pictures from her camera and, as a result, I have a whole lot of pictures to share today.  Some are from the very beginning of the trip.  One is from today. 

Here we go!

Davan decided she would do a scale in every airport on her travels. 

She ended up doing one in an airplane bathroom, as well.

Lena has a cool room.

Up the hill behind Lena's house, looking over her village.  Lena's house is the one with the trampoline.

A snowman Sofie and Davan built together.

One day Davan, Lena and Sofie went to the zoo in Basil.

 Davan and Lena went to Basil alone another day and went to both a paper museum, which sounds pretty cool, and the movies.

Davan is also experiencing regular family life with it's ups and downs.  Karin's aunt passed away last week, which, while her aunt was quite old and had had a good life, was a sad event, causing Karin to be away for several days helping her parents deal with everything that needed doing.  There was also a funeral to attend for the whole family.  Karin, I'm sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you.

There was a family trip to the three corners (Switzerland, Germany and France all bordering), causing partner trick celebration to break out.

Also last week, an epic day trip on the train took place.  They visited Bern and took a series of train trips on the way there and back.

Today, they went skiing.

Davan is letting us know in lots of ways that she is having a great time.  I'm so glad she's gotten this opportunity to have this adventure.

She may be in for more!  She got the news a couple of days ago that she is a semi-finalist for one of the scholarships to study abroad next year that she applied to.  This is the Germany one.  Unfortunately, the mandatory interview happens while she is still in Switzerland.  It's the interview for both Oregon and Washington.  She decided, with my blessing, to contact them and see if maybe she could do an interview in California or Idaho (if those interview dates happen after she gets back) and we'd drive there for it, but, to my knowledge, hasn't heard back.

On the plus side, this is the first date for hearing about any of the scholarships and, having made semi-finalist for this one, that's a good sign that she's a strong candidate for the others as well.  So, hopefully, it won't end up mattering if she can't make the interview.  The Germany one, while appealing in it's own way, it's at the top of her list.  We shall see what happens.


  1. I LOVE all the pictures! Wow she is having a great time. A paper museum does sound awesome! I love all the pictures of Davan and Lena.

    And YAY about the scholarship. That would be the most amazing opportunity. I would have to go with Keilee though :)

  2. You got more pictures than I did. :-( Less than a week and I pick her up for our 2 weeks together. It is one of the things making this up and coming trip easier.