Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Latest from Switzerland

When last we talked, Davan it was Sunday in Switzerland and Davan had been sledding and making waffles.  The stream of pictures slowed down with the start of the school week and with Davan getting sick.  Bummer for her.  She had to go home early from school on Monday because she just felt so bad.  It was stomach stuff plus a killer headache.  If it was jet lag, a relapse of the previous week or some combination, we don't really know, but a good night's sleep set her mostly right for Tuesday and school again.

Lena's mom, Karin, took her in a little late to meet Lena after Lena's orthodontist appointment and sent us this picture.

By the evening, Davan was well enough to be doing this sort of thing, as well.

We got a nice long email Tuesday evening in which Davan, as Anthony put it, sounded all grown up.  She'd had a good day and was getting a handle on the whole immersion language thing - challenging!  She'd found her own way to the public library in town rather than attending the last class Lena had yesterday.  She was very pleased. 

Today, the word is that Davan went to Basel with Lena's older sister, Julia, for the day rather than go to school.  I haven't heard about it from Davan yet, but I did get these pictures.

Here they are, setting out from home:

And, in Basel:

The two girls did some geocatching.  Egads, what an adventure that girl is having.  Go Davan!


  1. She looks like she's having a wonderful time. I'm so glad. :)

  2. Basel, well she will not be blowen away by Germany as she is seeing so much. How nice of Lena sister to take it out. Hope Davan had a really good time.