Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All is Well

Yes, we're still facing the cutback, but all is well. We're now internet free at home and I'm doing fine with that. In fact, I've gotten a lot more reading in that I'd been doing. Davan has taken up the keyboard again. Anthony has almost knocked out that Easter puzzle and he mowed the lawn last night. Are these things related to a lack of internet at home? Probably. The keyboard playing is probably also a result of our resent attendance at Ten Grands performance. (For the record, we went to the student show, which is free. We weren't facing our own personal economic setback yet and I did consider also taking her to the evening show, as she really, really loves these concerts, but tickets ranged from $25 a piece to $85 a piece and, even then, that would have been a stretch to the budget!)

Today, a Wednesday, I'm at the library, enjoying the internet connection here while Davan is reading at the preschool where she volunteers. Usually, I'd be grocery shopping, but we're costing on what we have for a while. Not only did I buy plenty of produce (we have large stocks of dried beans and grains and such already) last week, but we're leaving town over the weekend. It's a trip that doesn't make sense to cancel, as we'd get no refund for it. We're going to California for my aunt's wedding and will be staying at her house for the event. Davan is going to be a flower girl and is very excited. My mom is one of the attendants. Me? Nothing. Really, though, that's totally okay, very possibly even preferred.

I've been working on using up our perishables and, I have to say, I must have overbought last week because I'm surprised at how much I've got left when we usually run out in the week. I think it'll all get used by the time we leave on Friday or be packed for lunch on our travels. While the flight isn't long enough for a meal, Davan and I are going to be flying first class (thanks to my mom's frequent flier miles, which is also how all three of us are going in the first place - we only had to pay for Anthony's flight) and will get snacks. Will we want to eat the offered snacks? I know not. We will be packing and not counting on it.

Davan and I had a very nice picnic lunch on Monday. We've been getting sunny days about half the day this week here in the Portland area. It was nice to get out and enjoy it.

Tonight Davan and Anthony are going to see Kooza. It was supposed to be my mom and Davan, my mom having gotten tickets for the two of them as a treat for Davan, but she has to be out of town this week for work. We decided Anthony should get to go, as he gets to do less with Davan than I do generally speaking. Personally, I'm kind of glad I won't be out until 11:00. I get tired early. Sadly, due to the late night, we've decided that the best thing for them to do is pay for parking. I'd like to have avoided that somehow, but walking across the bridges just south of downtown at near midnight doesn't seem like a great plan for a variety of reasons. And taking public transportation is not only not appreciably cheaper, but it would also greatly extend an already very late night.

That's it, time is up.

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