Monday, April 26, 2010

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

We've been on a serious cookie kick lately. Because of this, to keep the amounts of dried fruit and nuts down to a dull roar, I've been experimenting with using mostly oats and fresh fruit, ala my grapefruit cookies. It's been successful overall and Davan is loving getting things like ginger pear cookies for breakfast, which is what we had in addition to smoothies this morning.

First, a word about the smoothies. My step dad flew with my grandma from her place down to LA for the wedding last weekend. After spending a couple of days with her, working on her honey-do-list, he came back home bearing oranges from grandma's tree. This morning Davan and I had this smoothie:

2 oranges, peeled
1 generous handful of spinach (I go light on the greens when sharing with Davan or she kind of freaks, although she's good about eating greens in other ways)
2 frozen bananas
4 brazil nuts
some water - maybe 2 cups, but you should add more or less depending on the consistency you desire

Blend until smooth. Yum.

For the cookies, which produced leftovers, I cored two pears and tossed them in the food processor until finely diced. I removed most of the pears, putting them in a bowl to wait a moment while I added oats (2 cups or so) to the food processor, along with about a TBS of flax meal and about two tsp of cinnamon. After running until the oatmeal was fine, I added ginger water, which I made in the Vitamix with about a TBS of fresh ginger root and enough water to run the blender. I added this to the pears in the bowl, discovered that it was too wet, added another cup or so of oatmeal (unground this time), mixed and formed into cookies. They were yummy, too. Not to mention inexpensive, which is important right about now.

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