Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Weekend in Cali

We had a really nice weekend in the LA area for my aunt's wedding. It actually, seeing as how we'd already gotten the plane tickets, came at a great time for us financially because my aunt (the one getting married) has recently made some sweeping food changes due to her now-husband's leukemia. Her house, where we got to stay, was nicely stocked up with healthy foods, including some dishes she'd made ahead and frozen and she was adamant that we go ahead and use her food. We made good use of that offer and didn't have to spend a dime on food. It was really great.

My mom is one of four sisters and all were in attendance for the wedding. Caren had asked each of them to be her matrons of honor and had them each just wear what they liked. That worked out really well, as they were each in their own style, but it all blended well. Davan was one of two flower girls, the other being from Ron's family. Haley, the other flower girl, is 8 and she and Davan made fast friends. The other kids on that side are all boys, so Haley seemed thrilled to find a girl (an older girl at that!) who wanted to hang around with her. They got to spend time together on both Friday, at the rehearsal, and Saturday before, during and after the wedding.

I enjoyed seeing my family, which also included my grandmother, and spending lots of time with my little family and my parents. In addition to the wedding, my cousin had a birthday, so we had a party for him. In between the various parties, we got to go swimming, walk on the beach and do the Heart of Hollywood Hike.

We got back late-ish on Monday evening and hit the ground running on Tuesday with Anthony off to work (where there is enough work to do that he'll be working a normal week this week) and for Davan and I to get the house in order and start gearing up for the big Zig Zag show (tickets on sale now). Of course, there were the typical family dramas and personality quirks, but I'm really glad we got to go to see everyone and be part of Caren's big day.

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