Saturday, April 03, 2010

Breaking the Posting Fast

I've had a couple of weeks off of blogging and it's been a nice break. I'm feeling ready to post some again, though!

One of the weeks off, we were in Colorado Springs, visiting a friend. We had a nice, easy drive out. We got a little something every 100 miles. In each 100 mile package, there were a few pencil puzzles for Davan and a little food treat for us all - mostly a piece of black licorice each, but sometimes a square of chocolate each.

Davan spent time with the puzzles and writing, in addition to looking out the window to enjoy the scenery and listening to our audiobook.

We only stopped for gas, bathroom

and stretching breaks (during which we not only stretched, but also played ball, jumped rope, ran about and did acrobatics), having packed all of our food. I packed us four types of cookies, cuties, apples, kale chips, whole wheat pita chips, pita pockets, hummus, baby carrots, tortillas, nonfat refried beans, salsa, and chopped olives to last us for two breakfasts, two lunches, one dinner and snacks. We had some left over when we got there.

We went to Casa Bonita,

a favorite place from childhood for my friend and I. It's a little kitschy, but fun. The food is not what you'd call healthy - they only have one even vegetarian friendly dish because the refried beans have animal fat in them, but we made do with taco salads without the beef, sour cream and cheese (which didn't leave a lot other than iceburg lettuce, sigh). We filled up, unhealthily, on chips and sopaipillas, while we watched the indoor cliff divers and cheesy skits. We also explored the whole place, checking out everything.

We spent time at a very cool park

and at Red Rocks Open Space, bouldering and hiking.

We saw friends and family, walked a lot and had a good time.

The drive home was much the same as the drive there, excepting that our book on tape wasn't as good as the one we listened to on the way there. (Graceling on the way there and Fire on the way back, both by Kristin Cashore.) And we had more prepared foods - cereal, roasted unsalted peanuts, cuties, apples, pitas, tortillas, nofat refried beans, homemade salsa, olives, store bought hummus, a couple of Odwalla bars, baby carrots, baked tortilla chips.

We've also been busy sense getting home with lots of bike rides and a hike or two.

One hike was with all three of us plus my mom, up Saddle Mountain:

And the other was just Davan and I at Wildwood:

Davan also got to open her April Christmas envelope:

We're eating out at her favorite restaurant three times this month!

Speaking of April, a new month is upon us and I have my challenge to think of. Decluttering continued on, in spite of not blogging about it and was pretty successful, although I can see more to do! It'll be an ongoing project, but for this month, I was looking for a different challenge.

My weight has been creeping up, especially with the road trip eats, and I want to make some better food choices. So, this month (one month late for St. Patrick's Day) is green month. I'm going to have something green with every single meal or snack. That means a green veggie, not kiwi or green grapes! I want this to mostly be leafy greens, but I'm also good with having, say, cucumber for a snack. On the weekends, I have to admit, it'll be mostly token, as we have our set weekend meals that I don't really want to mess with, although I did have some steamed kale this morning with our pancakes.

There is my long update! Welcome to April!

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