Tuesday, April 27, 2010

General Goings Ons

We've been keeping busy after our return from California. In an unexpected move, Anthony had lots of work last week and worked a full week, even with extra hours meaning that he put some hours toward Monday instead of using vacation for the day. Go figure. I'm told that our lean days are still coming, so we're still being careful.

Davan is busy with preparing for her show. There are extra rehearsals, meetings, and emails galore. Yesterday, we brought a poster to the library and asked them to put it up, but it's not up as of today. They say it's because they don't put "for profit" things up. I explained that Do Jump is a non-profit and that it's their teen show and was told the supervisor would be asked, but it's not up today. I'm a little ticked about that, as they've got Disney's "The Lion King" posters up, which, make no mistake, is a for profit show. Davan is saying we should ask for it back and put it up elsewhere, which we probably should, but I'm feeling all anxious about doing it and I figure they've probably tossed it out.

We've decided to switch our hiking days from Thursday to Tuesday because Thursdays are Davan's marathon Do Jump days and just plain feel busier. Today, though, it was pouring rain when we got up and we modified the hike to a walk to the library and Border's (where Davan likes to browse) rather than doing a very wet hike. So far, the rain has cooperated by only sprinkling on us a little when we were outside. We did get in a hike yesterday morning, as well. I'm on a mission to get Davan out more. (Yeah, yeah, she gets out a lot in comparison to most kids, but still.) As Davan had requested hiking to the top of a hill and looking around some, I took us over to Powell Butte where we did just that.

While Davan was at an extra rehearsal on Sunday, Anthony and I rode across the I-205 bridge on the bike path. We'd never done it before and I'd been wanting to just to do it. It was very loud. The bike path is protected, but in the middle of the opposing lanes of traffic. I wouldn't do it again just for the fun of it, but it is nice for those who need or want to cross to Washington.

Time's up! I'm off. :)

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