Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back to Walking

A while ago, Davan came across another book with walks around Portland.  This one has more walks and more walks that are spread out across the metro area, but they are also mostly shorter and there is only a small introduction followed by a map and directions, so they aren't as much of a tour guide as our previous walks were.

After my ankle was healed enough to walk and before I had the warts removed (sigh), we got in two of the walks from the book.  One started and ended literally out our front door, right at our intersection.

Here is Davan, as we were starting our walk, with the Belmont Library behind her.  This is the library that's kitty-corner from our place.

As you can see, she's holding up the book, which is called "Walk There" and Amy (the snowman that was one of the advent gifts from Lena) is peeking out of her pocket.  Amy is going on all the walks with us in lieu of Lena being able to, I believe.

The other was in Hollywood and was really short, which was good due to the icy rain that started while we were walking.

Now that I'm walking again, we all decided to do one of the walks today.  We chose one of the longer ones because the day was nice, we had time and the drive was short.  We went to the Alameda neighborhood, which has a lot of nice houses and hills with hidden public stairs.  It was lovely and we took a ton of pictures.  Here are a sampling.

Davan, Ranger and I just starting out:

Heading up our first staircase:

One of the many cool houses.  We all thought this turret would make a cool room:

Another staircase:

Anthony and Davan are doing the "kimchi" V here.  We've hosted a couple of exchange students from Korea for a summer program in previous years and they all did this, along with the serious face.  We finally asked about it - "Is it a peace sign?"  No, we were told it's the "kimchi" V, which is a brand of kimchi and they, apparently, all do this for pictures in Korea.  Okay, then.

One house had this awesome gate on their back fence:

Coming down one of the staircases and checking directions:

The crew, minus me:

My girl:

Going down one of the staircases:

And, Davan going down in her own style:

My other girl, waiting at the bottom, wondering what the heck Davan is up to:

My guy:

Davan loves her daddy:

My girl again because she's just so cute:

Then Davan took over the camera for a while.  So, there's one of me:


And ones of Anthony and I (here's just one sample):

Ones of Amy (also a sample):

Toward the end of the walk, we went by a house for sale with an open house going on.  Davan and I went in to look while Anthony stayed out with Ranger.  The house was fine - cute, but way expensive and with a finished basement that felt very basement-y still to me, but the kitchen was very nice and Davan absolutely feel in love with this attic room.

There was also a little alcove where she'd sleep, cool low windows at either end.  It really did suit her personality, minus soaring ceilings for rigging aerial apparatus. 

Back at the car, Davan took a few more shots:

And then it was back home!

In non-walk related news, Davan seems to be recovered from her application marathon.  She took a day or so to do nothing but read, then moved on to library trips, cooking, encouraging walking, working on her German for her upcoming trip and going on bike rides with me.  We rode 12 miles yesterday afternoon while Anthony was off riding 25 with a friend. 

It's been a great weekend, but it's not over yet.  We're all invited to a birthday party at Do Jump this evening - it's a party for one of the directors Davan works with.  There will be food and trapezing and dancing.  It should be a lot of fun, but Anthony and I only get to stay for a half an hour because tonight is also the winter party for his office.  He and I will head over to Marrakesh (a restaurant) for that party while Davan stays at Do Jump.

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind for all.  Davan teacher the homeschool class in the morning.  I've got work in the afternoon.  Anthony is back to work as usual.  Davan, though, will also be preparing for her trip.  Work on her German is high on the list.  Preparing her in-flight entertainment is also there.  She's started, but has more to do.  I'm guessing those two activities will fill her time in between events such as classes, Ranger walks and me distracting her.


  1. Look up zentangle. Go to for some easy and do-able patterns. Great for filling times on long flights. Or for fun. Since I do it all the time and I don't fly. Or something.

  2. Love the stairs, love the gate and just enjoyed seeing what you guys are up too.