Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Vlog

Davan is still in the throws of illness over here.  I pitched the idea of interviewing her, but she declined, feeling a little punchy today.  Perhaps when she is feeling better, she will acquiesce.  Meanwhile, we tried to do something not too taxing.  It was still a bit of an ordeal.  You'll have to forgive us both.  It was a long recording session.  In fact, I've made a blooper real for today, so you can share in the joy.

The vlog for today:

The blooper real:

Yeah, so once again, it's many hours after completing the videos before posting them, but, hey, I'm just pleased we are getting one a day done.  They are time consuming!


  1. I am glad to see there is lots of laughing involved with this process. :-)

  2. Loved both of them but the bloopers cracked us up. I didn't really understand the penguin game?? We figured out the fingers and numbers. :)

    1. So, the penguin game. Each person chooses either match or not. Then, there are three leg slaps followed by sticking out a hand. If the hands are the same (both rights, for example), then the person who has match gets a point. If the hands don't match (one right and one left), then the not person gets a point. You play to whatever you want. We did five points for the video.

      In west Africa, the game is played by jumping 3 times, then thrusting out a foot. My foot is still in recovery and Davan was still feeling sick, though, so we did just the arms, which makes it look like we penguins. Or at least, in Davan's opinion, that is. :)

      Don't know if that helped at all!