Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flirting with Snow

Yesterday morning I woke Davan up and invited her to walk with Ranger and I.  She came along.  We just walked in the neighborhood, as she had a class to teach and needed to be back in time.  We had some lovely snow flurries, but, sadly, no where near enough for a real snow day.  Sigh.  With a snow day from school comes a snow day from work for me, which we are both hoping happens a couple of times this winter.  Not yesterday, though.

After Davan went to teach, we bundled up and went for another (short) walk from our new walking book.  This one was Lloyd Center/Sullivan's Gulch.  We actually remembered a few houses from our previous walk in that area, but this one, clocking in at 1 mile, was significantly shorter.

Heading out and figuring out where to go:

It started snowing again just as we were heading out, which made for a lovely walk.  I tried to get a picture that showed the snow and this is the best I came up with.

You can kind of see it a little against the darker backgrounds, like Davan's hat and the darker strip on the bottom of the van in the background.  As you can tell, though, it was not enough for any sort of snow day.

We saw this surprising yard display along the route.  You can see the snow better here, actually, and it's not even what I was trying to get.

Davan, contemplating the above yard.

It was a short walk, but we (and Ranger) were happy to have gotten out and enjoyed the snow while it was happening.

No walk for us today, at least out of the book.  Of course, Ranger is getting in at least her minimum walking needs.  I took her out this morning, but we had to be back quickly because it's Tuesday, which is our baby morning.  The little bundle slept in his car seat for his entire visit today, much to Davan's disappointment.  Last week she was busy with her application when he came and didn't get to spend much time with him.  There's always next week.

Now I'm off to class and then work and it's a Zig Zag night for Davan.  No snow today and it's a little bit warmer out, too, so it doesn't seem like it'll happen.  Sigh.

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  1. Now I am caught up on the blog. Nice pictures again. Nice to have you blogging again. Keeps me up in a different way then do the emails.